Meaning of AffiAka(アフィ垢)

This article was written over a year ago.

AffiAka(アフィ垢) is an abstraction for “affiliate account”.
Some people have an account on social media only for making money through affiliate marketing.
We call it AffiAka(アフィ垢).

Affi(アフィ) is an abstraction for affiliate and “aka(アカ)” is an abbreviation for “Account(アカウント)”.
Aka(垢) means dirt but the pronunciation of it is same with “aka(アカ)” of “Account(アカウント)”.
That’s why, we use Aka(垢) as a slang, when we want to talk about “Account(アカウント)”.

In my opinion, many AffiAka(アフィ垢) don’t say useful something, they just think about getting money. They are annoying.

Words which use aka(垢)

Example Conversation

A: You have a lot of followers on Twitter.
B: Half of them are affiAka(アフィ垢)…
A: Oh, annoying.

A: おまえのTwitterのフォロワー数多いな
B: 半分くらいはアフィ垢なんだよね…
A: あー、うざいね。

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