Meaning of “MeshiTero(飯テロ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“MeshiTero(飯テロ)” means making someone (who is trying to not to eat) hungry.
For example, showing something looks yummy in the the very late evening is definitely “MeshiTero(飯テロ)”, because everyone knows if we eat at that time, we’ll get fat!
This is a slang.
“Meshi(飯)” means food and “Tero(テロ)” is an abstraction for terrorism.

Example Conversation

A: I want to eat ramen…
B: It’s 11p.m. now, if you eat it, you will get fat.
A: I know, I happened to see mouth-watering ramen on twitter now.
B: Oh… It’s a MeshiTero(飯テロ)…

A: あー、ラーメン食べたい。
B: もう23時だよ。食べたら太るよ。
A: わかってるよー。今twitterでうまそうなラーメン見ちゃったんだよー。
B: 飯テロだね…。

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