Meaning of “Acsta(アクスタ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Acsta(アクスタ)” is an abstraction for acrylic stand(アクリルスタンド) which means acrylic doll which can stand. Acsta(アクスタ) is made as a goods for fan.
Nowadays, Acsta(アクスタ) is a popular goods for fans of any genres.

For example, recently, Japanese idol company started selling idol’s acsta(アクスタ) and it sold out right away.
*Here is the acsta of Japanese idol company

Example Conversation

A: I couldn’t buy the acsta(アクスタ) of my oshi(推し)!
B: Me neather! How can I buy it??

A: 推しのアクスタ買えなかった!
B: 私も!あれ、どうやったら買えるの?

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