Meaning of “Naoe(なおエ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Naoe(なおエ)” is an abstraction for “Nao Angels is…(なおエンゼルスは)” which means “as a side note, Los Angeles Angels was..”
“Nao(なお)” means “as a side note” and this “…” imply “lost the match” in most cases.

As you know, Shohei Ohtani is amazing! Japanese news on TV also broadcast his great plays, and after that, they say “As a side note, Los Angeles Angels lost the match” almost all time (I feel).
Now, It become a rote routine. One day, someone started omit it.
This is a kind of slang, but even on TV, I can see the headline using “Naoe(なおエ)”.

Example Conversation

A: Ohtani is amazing, right?
B: Yeah, he is incredible! So coooool!
A: But, why Angels can’t win…
B: I don’t know… always naoe(なおエ)…

A: 大谷すごいよね!
B: やばいよあいつ、ちょーかっけーよ!
A: エンゼルスはなんで勝てないんだろ・・・
B: わっかんない。いっつも「なおエ」だよね・・・

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