Meaning of “DepaCos(デパコス)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“DepaCos(デパコス)” means “cosmetics we can buy at upscale department stores”.
“Depa(デパ)” is an abstraction for “department store”.
“Cos(コス)” an abstraction for “cosmetics”.
Most of the time “DepaCos(デパコス)” is expensive cosmetics.

Women buy expensive cosmetics at department stores and also buy cheap cosmetics at pharmacies. We call cheap cosmetics “Puchi pura(プチプラ) Cosme(コスメ)”.

Example Conversation

A: I like your lips color!
B: Thanks, I bought this at pharmacy. Cheap one.
A: Really? I thought it might be a “DepaCos(デパコス)”.

A: そのリップの色かわいいね
B: ありがとー。ドラッグストアで買った安いやつだよ。
A: そうなの?デパコスかと思った!

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