Meaning of “Chippai(ちっぱい)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Chippai(ちっぱい)” means small boobs.
“Chi(ちっ)” is an abstraction for “Chicchai(ちっちゃい)” which means small.
“Pai(ぱい)” is an abstraction for “Oppai(おっぱい)” which means boobs.
This is a slang.

Related words

Zeppeki(絶壁) means flat boobs as a slang.
The basic meaning of zeppeki(絶壁) is a cliff.

Hinnyu(貧乳) means small boobs.
Hin(貧) means poor, nyu(乳) means boobs.

Example Conversation

A: She is so cute but chippai(ちっぱい), right?
B: Idiot! Chippai(ちっぱい) also has a demand!

A: 彼女かわいいけどちっぱいだよな
B: ばかやろう!ちっぱいにだって需要はあるんだ!

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