Meaning of “Karesen(枯れ専)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Karesen(枯れ専)” means “(young woman) who love elder men” kind of…
“Kare(枯れ)” means “wither” and in this case, “Kare(枯れ)” is an abstraction for “Kareta Dansei(枯れた男性)which means elder men. (maybe over 60? I”m not sure)
Sen(専)” is an abstraction for “senmon(専門)” which means “specialize”.

Example Conversation

A: He is so cute, isn”t he?
B: Hmm… I prefer the old gentleman.
A: Oh, you are Karesen(枯れ専)?
B: Yeah, I’m not interested in young men.

A: あの人かっこよくない?
B: うーん、、、私はあの老紳士の方が好きだなぁ
A: あ、そういえば枯れ専だっけ?
B: うん、若い男に興味ない

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