Meaning of “Yarimoku(ヤリモク)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Yarimoku(ヤリモク)” means “purpose is sexual intercourse”.
This is a common slang.
“Yari(ヤリ)” means “fuck” or “sexual intercourse” in this case.
Original form of “Yari(ヤリ)” is “Yaru(ヤる)” which has a lot of meaning and it includes “sexual intercourse”.
“Moku(モク)” is an abbreviation for “Mokuteki(目的)” which means “purpose”.

Example Conversation of girls

A: These days, I’m into in dating apps.
B: Seriously? There are only “Yarimoku(ヤリモク)” people, aren’t there?
A: Hmm… It depends… I think.

A: 最近出会い系アプリにはまってるんだよね
B: まじで?ヤリモクの男ばっかじゃないの?
A: うーん、人によると思う。

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