Meaning of “Toutoi(尊い)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Toutoi(尊い)” means “really valuable” or “sacred” or “noble”.
Basically, this word is not a slang, but these days, this word is used by otaku people as a slang.
The meaning is almost same if you use this as a slang, but as a slang, this word shows the person’s really strong love.

Anyway, “Toutoi(尊い)” sounds having strong faith.
As you know, most of Japanese don’t have strong religious spirit, but many people have their “Oshi(推し)“, and they have strong faith in their “Oshi(推し)”! Interesting? Haha!

Example Conversation

A: Did you check the online live yesterday?
B: Yes!!! His smile is Toutoi(尊い)!!! Look at this!!!
A: Wooooww!!!!! Toutoi(尊い)!!!

A: 昨日のオンラインライブ見た?
B: 見た!!もう、笑顔が尊い!!!見てこれ!!
A: いやーーー!!!尊い!!!!

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