Meaning of “Oshikatsu(推し活)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Oshikatsu(推し活)” means activity to support own oshi(推し).
In this case, “katsu(活)” is an abbreviation for “katsudou(活動)” which means activity.

This word is nominated for Japan buzzword award in 2021.

Example Conversation

A: This year was also indoor life because of COVID-19. What did you do in your home?
B: Absolutely, Oshikatsu(推し活)!! I can do it online!!
A: I envy you, having “Oshi(推し)” makes your life happier.

A: 今年もコロナのせいで引きこもり生活だったよね。家で何してた?
B: そりゃー、推し活よ!オンラインでも推し活できるからね!
A: いいなぁ。推しがいると人生楽しそうだよね。

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