Meaning of “Donbiki(ドン引き)”

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“Donbiki(ドン引き)” means “be very put off by something eww or gross” or “very turn me off”.

“hiki(引き)” is a noun of “hiku(引く)” . And if “something + 引き”, we call it “biki” not “hiki” in some cases.
“Hiku(引く)” is a verb and the basic meaning is “pull”. As a slang, “Hiku(引く)” means “be put off by something eww or gross” or “turn me off”.
“Don(ドン)” is an onomatopoeia, and in this case it emphasize “引き”.

Example Conversation

A: He called his ex’s office to get back together.
B: Oh, it’s too much, isn’t it? “引く(hiku)” .!
A: Also, he went to ex’s parents house.
B: Wow, “Donbiki(ドン引き)”!

A: あいつ、より戻すために別れた彼女の職場にまで電話したらしいよ
B: え、それはやりすぎじゃない?引くわ。
A: さらに実家にも行ったらしいよ。
B: ええっ、ドン引き

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