Meaning of “Ketsumochi(ケツ持ち)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ketsumochi(ケツ持ち)” means Yakuza taking responsibility for stores (mainly sex shops or some kind of illegal shops or shops which is located in dangerous area or so).
Yakuza get money for their protection.
This is a kind of Yakuza word.

“Ketsu(ケツ)” means butt, and “mochi(持ち)” means having or holding.
In this case, butt means “end of a line”.
So “Ketsumochi(ケツ持ち)” means “having responsibility at the end of the line”, sort of…

Anyway, this is a yakuza word, so I’ve never heard this word in my real life.
For me, this word is only in Manga or Game or Movie.

Example Conversation

A: よくこんなところでお店の営業できてるね。治安悪くない?
B: まぁ、ここだとケツ持ちは必要だけどね。

A: How do you running your shop. This area is dangerous, isn’t it?
B: Yeah, I need Ketsumochi(ケツ持ち) here.

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