Meaning of “Ikeoji(イケオジ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ikeoji(イケオジ)” means “a cool middle-aged guy”.
“Ike(イケ)” is an abbreviation for “Iketeru(イケてる)” which means “cool”.
“Oji(オジ)” is an abbreviation for “Ojisan(オジサン)” which means “middle-aged guy”.

This is a slang among young people.
I’m not sure and I don’t know why, but these days, “Ikeoji(イケオジ)” is popular among young woman.

Example Conversation

A: These days Ikeoji(イケオジ)” is popular among young woman, isn’t it?
B: I wanna be an Ikeoji(イケオジ).
A: Not cool young guy can’t be Ikeoji(イケオジ)…
B: Don’t be so harsh!

A: 最近イケオジが人気らしいよ
B: 俺もイケオジになりてーな
A: 今現在イケてないやつが、年取ってもイケオジになれないよ・・・
B: そんなにきついこと言わないでよ!

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