Meaning of “Jimotii(ジモティー)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Jimotii(ジモティー)” means local people, this is kind of a slang.

“Jimotii(ジモティー)” is from “Jimoto no hito(地元の人)”.
“Jimoto(地元)” means local, hito(人) means person.

And “Jimotii(ジモティー)” is an also website name.
The website “Jimotii(ジモティー)” is an online bulletin board of each local area.

Example Conversation

A: I graduated from AAA junior high school.
B: What? Are you Jimotii(ジモティー)?
A: Oh, you didn’t know?

A: おれ、AAA中学だよ
B: え、おまえジモティーだったの?
A: え、知らなった?

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