Meaning of “Tadashi(ただし)…/ ※”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Tadashi(ただし)” or “※” means “However, only if they’re handsome” as an internet slang.

Basically “Tadashi(ただし)” means “however”, and
“※” is just a mark to notice “There is a precautionary statement”.
But as an internet slang,
Both of them are an abbreviation for “Tadashi ikemen ni kagiru(ただしイケメンに限る)” which means
“However, only if they’re handsome”

Example Conversation

A: She can dating anyone as long as he is fun person.
B: Seriously? I also have a chance?
A: ※
B: I knew it…

A: 彼女、面白い人なら誰とでも付き合えるらしいよ。
B: まじで? 俺にもチャンスある?
A: ※
B: ですよね

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