Meaning of “Omaiu(おまいう)”/”boomerang(ブーメラン)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Omaiu(おまいう)” means “Look who’s talking”. This is an internet slang.

“Omaiu(おまいう)” is an abbreviation for “Omae Ga Iuna(お前が言うな)”.
“Omae(お前)” means you, “Iuna(言うな)” means “Don’t say”.
“Omae Ga Iuna(お前が言うな)” literally means “You, don’t say”, it includes this meaning “You have no right to say it, (because you criticised or did before, and it’s coming back on you.)”

“Omae(お前)” means you, but it sounds like “looking down on”, and “Iuna(言うな)” sounds like “order”.
So in this case, someone who say “Omaiu(おまいう)” sounds like “High rank than ‘Omae(お前)'”.
Why? Because this ‘Omae(お前)’ has no right to say it, and someone is judging ‘Omae(お前)’, kind of… in my opinion.

As an internet slang, “boomerang(ブーメラン)” means “coming back on you”.
The meaning is almost same with “Omaiu(おまいう)”.
When we judge someone “The pot calling the kettle black”, we use “Omaiu(おまいう)” or “boomerang(ブーメラン)”.

Example Conversation

A: Yamada said “Cheater is such a jerk”.
B: What? He cheated on his girlfriend before.
A: Yeah, it’s Omaiu(おまいう).
B: It’s boomerang!

A: 山田さん、「浮気する人は最低だ」って言ってらしいよ
B: え、あの人浮気してたじゃん。
A: ね、おまいうだよ。
B: ブーメランだよ!

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