Meaning of “kyodoru(キョドる / きょどる)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“kyodoru(キョドる)” means “take a suspicious behavior”.
“Kyodo(キョド)” is from “挙動不審(きょどうふしん)” which means suspicious behavior.
“挙動不審(きょどうふしん)” is a noun, so we add “ru(る)” to change it a verb.
This is a slang.

“kyodoru(キョドる)” is verb. So it often change like this…
“kyodotteru(キョドってる)” means “be taking a suspicious behavior”.

Example Conversation

A: Tell me how can I become popular with girls.
B: Uhmmm… First, cleanliness. And you should stop kyodoru(キョドる).
A: What? Am I kyodotteru(キョドってる) ?
B: yeah…when you are in front of girls.

A: どうやったら女子にモテるようになるか教えて。
B: うーん、まずは清潔感。あとキョドるのをやめよう。
A: え?俺キョドってる?
B: うん、女子の前だと。

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