Meaning of “Mojo(喪女)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Mojo(喪女)” means “unpopular woman” or “not attractive woman to most men”. This is an internet slang.

“Jo(女)” means woman.
“Mo(喪)” is an abbreviation for “Motenai(モテない)” which means unpopular.
This kanji “Mo(喪)” is a phonetic equivalent and this kanji doesn’t have the meaning “unpopular”.
But when we see this kanji “Mo(喪)”, we begin to associate “Mofuku(喪服)” (which means mourning dress or some black clothes we wear at funnel), or something dark and sad. So the image is perfectly match with “unpopular woman” who is gloomy and dark.

Example Conversation

A: I want a boyfriend.
B: You can have.
A: Ummm….impossible, I’m a nerd and mojo(喪女).
B: These days, Otaku is getting popular, so you can!!

A: はー、彼氏欲しいなぁ
B: できるよ
A: いやぁ・・・オタクの喪女だし無理だよ・・・。
B: 最近はオタクも市民権得てきたからいけるって!

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