Meaning of “bazuru(バズる)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“bazuru(バズる)” means “go viral”.
Young people use this word.
I’m not sure but according to some information, this word from “buzz(バズ)”.

Example Conversation

A: Check out this video, hilarious!
B: I know this, this video is bazutteru(バズってる) now.
A: You knew about this, his video was Bazutteta(バズってた) before.
B: He is good at making bazuru(バズる) video.

A: この動画見て、超ウケるよ
B: あー知ってる、今バズってるよね。
A: 知ってたか、この人の動画、前もバズってたよね
B: バズる動画作るの上手いよね

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