Meaning of “maotoko(間男)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Maotoko(間男)” means “a man who is having an affair with married woman”.
I thought this is an internet slang, but in the fact this word exists from Edo era(1603-1868)! Wow!
But these days, it’s a slang I think.

“Ma(間)” means between, “Otoko(男)” means “man”.
So it’s easy to imagine the meaning of “maotoko(間男)”.

Imagine, maotoko is between husband and wife.
[Husband] [Maokoto] [Wife] ———————————-

Example Conversation

A: Do you know she is cheating.
B: Oh, seriously?? Her husband is my co-worker!
He said he has a dilemma, maybe he realize about “maotoko(間男)”..

A: あの人不倫しているらしいよ。
B: え、まじで??旦那さん同僚なんだけど!

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