Meaning of “pabusa(パブサ)”

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Meaning of “pabusa(パブサ)”

“Pabusa(パブサ)” means searching about someone on internet.
“Pabusa(パブサ)” is an abbreviation for “public search(パブリックサーチ)” which is Japanese English.
If someone search about themselves on internet, we call it “Egosa(エゴサ)”, and if someone search about someone (for example, about friends or celebrity) on internet, we call it “Pabusa(パブサ)”.
“Egosa(エゴサ)” is a popular slang, but “Pabusa(パブサ)” is not popular slang so far.

Example Conversation

A: Even though Golden Week vacation, I can’t go anywhere, so I’m bored, how about you?
B: I don’t have any plan, so I do “pabusa(パブサ)” about my oshi(推し)

A: GWだけど、どこもいけないから暇、そっちはどう?
B: 暇だから推しのパブサしてる

*It’s Golden Week Vacation in Japan, but the situation of COVID-19 is getting worse…
So many people just stay home, but some people go out because they get used to this situation, maybe…
Me? I just stay home, and playing video games or watching NETFLIX!!

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