Meaning of “(Name) + taso(タソ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“taso(タソ)” is an honorific title.
It’s from “tan(タン)”. Because it looks similar.
Can you recognize the difference of “ン(nn)” and “ソ(so)”.

“tan(タン)” is from “chan(ちゃん)” which is common an honorific title.
“Chan(ちゃん)” is common, but “tan(タン)” and “taso(タソ)” are kind of Otaku(nerd) words.

In Japan, there are many honorific titles.

Sama(様) : Really polite.
San(さん) : Most common and polite. We can use it for everyone.
Chan(ちゃん) : We use it for girls or more young or cute people.
Kun(くん) : We us it for boys

Tan(タン) : Otaku people use it for their oshi(推し).
Taso(タソ) : It’s same with Tan(タン) but sounds more otaku.

Example Conversation

A: Rika-Taso(タソ) so so cute!!
B: You likes…

A: りかタソ かわゆす!
B: 好きだねぇ・・・

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