Meaning of “Himepu(姫プ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Himepu(姫プ)” means “play style of video game like a princess” which means relying on other people’s help.
“Hime(姫)” means princess.
“pu(プ)” is an abbreviation for “play(プレイ)” in this case.
It’s a slang among gamers.

In the video game world, female player number is not so many, so female player looks really attractive and male players try to get attract by helping their play.
Then, female player can do “Himepu(姫プ)” , even though they are not female in real world.

Example Conversation

A: I started to play a new video game recently.
B: Oh, you mentioned it before. But the videogame is difficult for new player, isn’t it?
A: Not really. I do “himepu(姫プ)” with female character. I can get items as a present because I pretend female university student.
B: Oh… you are not female university student but middle-aged man.

A: 最近新しいゲーム始めたんだよね
B: あー前言ってたね。あのゲーム新参には難しくない?
A: そうでもないよ。女キャラで姫プしてるから。女子大生のふりしてるから、アイテムとかめっちゃもらえる。
B: うわー、中身おっさんなのに。

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