Meaning of “Ofuse(お布施)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ofuse(お布施)” means using money to support own oshi as a slang. Many otaku people buy a lot of goods of their own oshi, it’s ofuse.
Usually “Ofuse(お布施)” means paying a monk money as a thank you. This word is for religion.
But as a slang, this word is for Otaku.
Why? In my opinion, for otaku their oshi is almost god.

Example Conversation

A: I’m out of cash.
B: Again? Why?
A: I have to Ofuse, my oshi release goods one after another!

A: お金ないわぁ
B: また?なんでいつもお金ないの?
A: 推しのグッズが次々でるからお布施が必要なんだよ!!

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