Meaning of “- Min(民)”

This article was written over a year ago.

[something] + “Min(民)” means cluster or people who are into in the [something]. Or people in the [something] community as an internet slang.
Basically this kanji “民” means people or member of group.

・”Twitter Min(Twitter民)” means heavy user of twitter.
・”Yahucome Min(ヤフコメ民)” means people who often write comments on Yahoo!. “Yahu(ヤフ)” is an abbreviation for “Yahoo!(ヤフー)”, and yes, “come(コメ)” is an abbreviation for “comment”.
・”Net Min(ネット民)” means never internet user.

Example Conversation

A: Do you know is the model being flamed?
B: I know yahucome min flamed her on Yahoo News.

A: あのモデル炎上してるの知ってる?
B: 知ってる。ヤフコメ民がめっちゃ叩いてた。

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