Meaning of “Deai Chu(出会い厨)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Deai Chu(出会い厨)” means a person who try to pick up girls in everywhere where is not a place for dating.
It’s a slang.
“Deai(出会い)” means “meet” and in this case it means “meet date”.
“Chu(厨)” is THE internet slang, it means kind of “annoying person”.

The origin of “Chu(厨)” is “Chubou(厨房)” which means “kitchen” basically, but as an internet slang, “Chubou(厨房)” means “Chubou(中坊)” which means “junior high school boy”.
Chu(中) is an abbreviation for Chugakusei(中学生)” which means “junior high school student” and “bou(坊)” is an abbreviation for “bouzu(坊主)” which means in this case “boy”.
You know, junior high school boy is teenager, so they do sometime annoying thing.

Example Conversation

A: Yesterday, I did voice chat PlayStation whith guild friend at first time. Then he asked me my LINE as soon as he realized I’m a girl. He was so persistent…
B: Oh, he is deaichu.
A: Yeah, I shouldn’t have done voice chat.

A: 昨日オンラインゲームで仲良くなった人と初めてボイチャしたんだけどさー、女だとわかったとたんLINE教えてとかいいだしてさー。しかもしつこかったし。
B: えー、出会い厨じゃん。
A: ねー、ボイチャしなきゃよかった

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