Meaning of “Oinori mail(お祈りメール)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Oinori mail(お祈りメール)” means rejection notification e-mail of a job application. This is a slang.
“Oinori(お祈り)” means prayer.

Because, most of company’s rejection notification e-mail is like this.

“We have concluded that we are unable to offer you the job position.”
bla bla bla.
“we hope you have a great success.” or “We pray for your success.”

See? The end of the e-mail, they always “hope” or “pray” our success.
That’s why, “Oinori mail(お祈りメール)” means rejection notification e-mail!

We also use “oinori(お祈り)” as “rejection” in slang, because of same meaning.

Example Conversation

A: Have you got any job offer?
B: Not yet. I’ve got only “Oinori mail(お祈りメール)”.
A: Me too. Every company just do “Oinori(お祈り)” to me.
B: I might be a NEET…

A: 内定出た?
B: まだ。お祈りメールだけだよ。
A: 俺も。お祈りばっかされてる。
B: 俺このままニートになるのかも…。

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