Meaning of “Bocchi(ぼっち)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Bocchi(ぼっち)” means “aloneness” or “person who is alone or isolated”. This is a slang.
“Bocchi(ぼっち)” is an abbreviation for “Hitoribocchi(ひとりぼっち)” which means same with “bocchi(ぼっち)”.

“Hitori(ひとり)” means one person, and originally “bocchi(ぼっち)” has no meaning.
But as a slang “bocchi(ぼっち)” has same meaning with “Hitoribocchi(ひとりぼっち)”.

There are some commen slang which use “bocchi(ぼっち)” as below.

ex1 :“Bocchi Meshi(ぼっち飯)”
“Bocchi Meshi(ぼっち飯)” means “eating alone”.
* “Meshi(飯)” means meal.

ex2: “Kuri bocchi(クリぼっち)”
“Kuri bocchi(クリぼっち)” means “stay alone on Christmas”.
*In this case “Kuri(クリ)” is an abbreviation for “Christmas(クリスマス)”
*In Japan, Christmas is for couple or children, so for young people “Kuri bocchi(クリぼっち)” also means “no girlfriend or boyfriend”.

Example Conversation

A: What did you do during the new year holidays?
B: Well… I couldn’t go to my hometown, so I spend a time bocchi.
A: So do I. From “Kuri bocchi” to New year bocchi.
B: But during this pandemic, we are right, aren’t we?
A: Definitely!

A: 正月何してた?
B: えー、実家にも帰れないから、ぼっちで過ごしてたよ。
A: 俺も。クリぼっちからの正月ぼっち。
B: でもコロナだし、俺らが正義じゃね?
A: 確かに!
*In this case, “Seigi(正義)” is a slang and it means right or correct.

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