Meaning of “AkaBan(垢BAN)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“AkaBan(垢BAN)” means to ban an account. This is an internet slang.
“Aka(アカ)” is an abbreviation for “Account(アカウント)”.
垢 has same pronunciation with アカ, 垢 is kanji and the kanji means “dirt”, but in this case, don’t think about kanji’s meaning. We use this kanji because it has same pronunciation with アカ, that’s it!

There are other internet slangs which uses “Aka(垢)”.
Ura Aka(裏垢)” means a hidden account.
“Sub Aka(サブ垢)” means a sub account.

Example Conversation

A: I hear that Twitter did AkaBan(垢BAN) to Trump.
B: Oh, seriously? Why?
A: And YouTube also is starting to remove videos with Trump.
B: Wow… I don’t know detail… but I feel it is censorship.
A: I know, I remember “1984″ written by Orwell.

A: Twitterがトランプを垢BANしたらしいよ
B: え、まじで?なんで?
A: Youtube もトランプのチャンネル停止してるらしい
B: え、よくわかんないけど、それどうなの?検閲みたい・・・。
A: わかる。オーウェルの1984って本思い出した。

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