Meaning of “Sika Katan(しか勝たん)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“[someone] Sika Katan(しか勝たん)” means [someone] is the best, or [someone] is the only one who can win.
This is a trend word and slang among young people.

“Sika(しか)” means “only”.
“Katan(勝たん)” means “can’t win”.
“Sika Katan(しか勝たん)” sounds weird as a normal Japanese, but it’s OK, this is a slang.
You can use this, when you want to show your big love for your Oshi(推し).

If you want to use this, you should put your Oshi(推し) name before “Sika Katan(しか勝たん)” like this.
[your Oshi name] + “Sika Katan(しか勝たん)”
If you’re a big fan of Rengoku-san(煉獄さん), you can say
“Rengoku-san sika katan(煉獄さんしか勝たん).”

Example Conversation

A: Why is the Demon Slayer so popular?
B: Haven’t you ever seen it ? I recommend it!!
A: Really? What’s it like?
B: Kind of… “Rengoku-san sika katan(煉獄さんしか勝たん).”
A: Hmm… I can’t understand…

A: 鬼滅の刃ってなんでそんなに人気なの?
B: 見てないの!?見たほうがいいって!
A: えー、どんな感じ?
B: 煉獄さんしか勝たん!って感じ。
A: えー、わかんねぇ…

※鬼滅の刃(Kimetsu no yaiba : English title is “Demon Slayer”) is a really popular manga in Japan, and 煉獄さん(Rengoku san) is in it.

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