Meaning of “SeigiMan(正義マン)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“SeigiMan(正義マン)” means a person who believe “I’m justice” and do something annoying. It’s an internet slang.
“Seigo(正義)” means justice, and “Man(マン)” is man.
It is like a Social Justice Warrior.

Is it sounds like kind of hero? No, it’s not.
“SeigiMan(正義マン)” maybe think about himself likes hero, but he’s not. It’s ironic.
“SeigiMan(正義マン)” yelling about a trifling matter. and compels people to follow his justice.
Most of time, his justice is maybe justice or rule of the society.
But you know, each of people has reason or sometimes extenuating circumstances. SeigiMan does’t care of it at all and his action is not a solution at all.

For example, these days, wearing a face mask is an almost rule specially in closed space like in train or shops. One day one guy forgets to bring a mask, but he has not enough time to buy it, so he has no choice to take a train without mask. He doesn’t wear the mask but he doesn’t talk or cough, he just be there apologetically.
Maybe some people stare at him, because he doesn’t wear a mask, but that’s it.
But, if there is “SeigiMan(正義マン)”, he must starts yelling about it. You know, if he starts yelling, the guy doesn’t have mask, so yelling is not a solution.
We just think, the “SeigiMan(正義マン)” is annoying.

Example Conversation

A: I saw “SeigiMan(正義マン)” in train in this morning. He yelled “Wear a mask!”.
B: He is annoying from morning.
A: “SeigiMan(正義マン)” is the most annoying person, isn’t it? They are noisy.

A: 今朝電車で正義マンいたわ。なんかマスクしろって騒いでた。
B: 朝からうぜーな。
A: あいつらが一番迷惑なんだよね。うるせーし。

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