Meaning of “Barikyari(バリキャリ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Barikyari(バリキャリ)” means career woman.
“Bari(バリ)” is an abbreviation for “Baribari(バリバリ)” which means kind of “super” or “very”.
※”Baribari(バリバリ)” is an onomatopoeia. If you find some word using same word twice, it might be an onomatopoeia.
And in this case, “kyari(キャリ)” is an abbreviation for “Career(キャリア)”.
So “Barikyari(バリキャリ)” is an abbreviation for just “Baribari Career(バリバリキャリア)”.
But most of time it means “Baribari Kyaria Joshi(バリバリキャリア女子)”.
Joshi(女子) means girls or women.
We also call them “Baribari Kyaria Joshi(バリバリキャリア女子)” not “Barikyari(バリキャリ)”.

In Japan, there are two type of women.
Some women want to be a housewife, and their priority is her family. It looks like “The Japanese woman in the good old days”.
Some women want the success in her job not only family something.
And sometimes the battle begins between the housewife and “Barikyari(バリキャリ)”, because their mindset is completely different.

Example Conversation

A: I want to be an barikyari than housewife.
B: Really? I want to be a lazy housewife, after I find rich guy.
A: It must be hard to find such a rich guy who allow you to be a housewife, isn’t it?
B: Yeah… and I remember I haven’t had much luck with men… I should learn a trade…

A: 私は専業主婦よりバリキャリになりたいかなぁ
B: まじで?私は金持ち見つけて専業主婦になって毎日ぐーたらしたいかも。
A: 専業主婦させてもらえるほど稼いでるやつ探すの大変じゃない?
B: 確かに…。そういや私男運ないわ…。手に職つけるか…。

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