Meaning of “Pochiru(ポチる)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Pochiru(ポチる)” means making an online purchase, and this is an internet slang.

“Pochi(ポチ)” is an onomatopoeic word. It’s a sound of pressing the button. So, in this case, it means pressing the “buy” button on the internet.
“Ru(る)” has no meaning but it makes “Pochi(ポチ)” verb.
If you want to make it past tense, you should add “tta(った)” not “ru(る)”.

Example Conversation

A: Oh, I really like this headset…maybe I’ll buy it…
B: Didn’t you buy another headset before?
A: But this one is on sale now, OK, pochiru!
B: Do what you want.
A: Yes, pochitta!!

A: このヘッドセットいいなぁ、ポチろうかな
B: お前この間もヘッドセット買ってなかった?
A: でも今これセールなんだよ、あーもうポチる!
B: 買いたいなら買えよー
A: よし、ポチった!

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