Meaning of “Shibou Flag (死亡フラグ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Shibou Flag(死亡フラグ)” means “a death flag” or “sign of death”, we use this word when we feel “The character is definitely going to die”.
“Shibou(死亡)” means death.
In anime, manga, dramas, movies, games… there are a lot of famous death flag lines.

For example…

“ここは俺に任せてお前は先に行け!” means “Leave it to me! go ahead without me !”
Yes, he must die.

“俺、この戦争が終わったらあいつと結婚するんだ” means “I will get married with her after this war.”
Yes, he must die.

Going to the shopping mall at the beginning of zombie movies is also a death flag.
In real life, even though a typhoon is coming, saying “ちょっと田んぼを見てくる” (means “I’ll check the rice field”) is also a death flag.

Example Conversation

A: Are you OK? Can you finish the task?
B: Umm…I can… maybe…
A: Seriously? You looks really tired.
B: I’m OK… I’ll get married with my girlfriend after I finish this task…
A: Cho, don’t raise a Shibou Flag!

A: 大丈夫?仕事終わりそう?
B: うーん…大丈夫だよ、多分
A: ほんと?めっちゃ疲れてない?
B: うん、大丈夫だよ~。俺、この仕事が終わったら彼女と結婚するんだ…。
A: ちょ、死亡フラグたてるなよ!

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