Meaning of “Uraaka(裏垢)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Uraaka(裏垢)” means a hidden account on Twitter or Instagram or something like that.
This is an internet slang.
It’s almost same with “second account” but the user want to hide it.
People can check the account, but the user don’t tell about it, so the most of friends of the user don’t know about it.
For what? Maybe to enjoy their Otakatsu(ヲタ活) or to complain about something.
Some people take on different personalities based on community. So for us “Uraaka(裏垢)” is so useful.

“Ura(裏)” means back, “Aka(アカ)” is an abbreviation for “Account(アカウント)”.
垢 has same pronunciation with アカ, 垢 is kanji and the kanji means “dirt”, but in this case, don’t think about kanji’s meaning. We use this kanji because it has same pronunciation with アカ, that’s it!

By the way, I found a news about it. One company started to provide “Identify hidden accounts service”.
Oh, it’s a so scary service, isn’t it?
This service will be provided to the company which is recruiting new graduates.
The purpose of this service is finding out bad behavior person before the company hire the person.
But I just hope some hidden Otaku can keep hiding their Otaku personality…

Example Conversation

A: Do you know the idol’s Uraaka(裏垢) came to light !
B: I know it, I checked it! She has a bad mouth and tweeted behind other member’s back!
A: Oh, I wanted to check it! But now, the Uraaka(裏垢) was deleted.
B: You can check the screenshot of it.

A: あのアイドルの裏垢ばれたの知ってる?
B: 知ってる!ってかチェックした!めちゃくちゃ口悪かっし、メンバーの悪口ツイートしてたよ!
A: 俺も見たかった! もう裏垢削除されてるんだよなぁ
B: スクショで見れるんじゃない?

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