Meaning of “Babiniku(バ美肉)”

This article was written over a year ago.

Babiniku(バ美肉) means “Using a virtual beautiful girl avatar”.
It’s a internet slang.

“Babiniku(バ美肉)” is an abbreviation for “Virtual(バーチャル) bishoujo(美少女) juniku(受肉)”.
Bishoujo(美少女) means a beautiful girl.
Juniku(受肉) means…maybe incarnation? it’s hard to explain but in this case “ju(受)” means accept or host and “niku(肉)” means body…maybe.

If VTuber(Virtual Youtuber) GUYS use a virtual beautiful girl avatar, it means “Babiniku(バ美肉)”.
So be careful, if you find a so cute VTuber, she might be a guy.
But her voice is also cute?
Yes, he also use a voice changer.

Example Conversation

A: I became a VTuber recently
B: Seriously? Babiniku?
A: Babiniku. Acting a cute girl is so fun.

A: 最近VTuberはじめたんだよね
B: え、まじで?バ美肉?
A: バ美肉。美少女楽しい。

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