Meaning of “Masugomi(マスゴミ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

It means “trashy media” or “stupid media”.
This slang combines “Masucomi(マスコミ)” with “Gomi(ゴミ)”.

“Masucomi(マスコミ)” is an abbreviation for “mass communication(マスコミュニケーション)”, but the meaning of “masucomi(マスコミ)” is “the media”.
“Gomi(ゴミ)” means “garbage” or “trash”.

Example Conversation

A: Did you watch the news program yesterday?
B: I watched it. The report was terrible!
A: They distorts the fact.
B: Yeah, that’s why they are masugomi.

A: 昨日のニュース見た?
B: 見た。あの報道はひどかった。
A: やつら事実をねじまげてやがる
B: な。だからマスゴミなんだよ。

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