Meaning of Menhera(メンヘラ) / Yandere(ヤンデレ)

This article was written over a year ago.

Menhera(メンヘラ) means people who has mental problems.
Menhera(メンヘラ) is an abbreviation for “mental health(メンタルヘルス)” but the meaning is not same.
When we hear the word “menhera”, we think of young women or girl.
Most of time menhera are overly attached people and too emotional and some of them are wristcutters.

Simillar word of menhera(メンヘラ) is yandere(ヤンデレ).
Two of words is simillar but not same.
It’s hard to explain, but in my opinion, if she have attachment with someone and the too storong love makes her insane, it’s yandere(ヤンデレ).
Yandere(ヤンデレ) is an abbreviation for yanderu(病んでる) and dere(デレ).
Yanderu(病んでる) means having mental problems.
Dere(デレ) means the situation someone is spoony on someone.
Most of yandere are also overly attached people and too emotional and some of them are wristcutters.

Both of menhera(メンヘラ) and yandere(ヤンデレ) are insane and crazy, so stay away from them!!
No matter how much she is so cute, I don’t recommend to make a date with menhera!!
Both of them are slangs.

Example Conversation

A: She is so cute!! I feel there is a darkness within her heart, and she is exactly my type.
B: Oh… She is menhera(メンヘラ) so I don’t recommend. She is wrist cutter, don’t you know?
A: Oh…seriously??

A: あの子超かわいいなぁ。なんか影があってタイプだわぁ。
B: あー…。あいつメンヘラだからやめたほうがいいよ…。リスカ跡えげつないの知らないの?
A: え、まじか…。

Dear friend:
Menhera(メンヘラ) doesn’t mean “male harassment by females”.
They must mistook it for “sekuhara(セクハラ)”. And also they must think men(menhera’s men) means men.
Sekuhara(セクハラ) means sexual harassment.

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