Meaning of Chigyu(チー牛)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means the kind of person to order cheese beef bowl.
It’s an internet slang and almost a trend word on internet.
Chigyu is an abbreviation for Chiizu(チーズ=Cheese) Gyudon(牛丼=beef bowl).
Most of time, on internet, chigyu is not about cheese beef bowl but the kind of person to order cheese beef bowl.
(More specifically, not just a cheese beef bowl but 3 color cheeses large beaf bowl with soft-boiled egg(三色チーズ牛丼特盛に温玉付き). This one. You can order this at Sukiya. Looks so yummy.)

Meaning of this word is including the personality of chigyu.
This is the image of chigyu.

Their common point is
・The INKYA face
・Wearing glasses
・Baby face (in a negative way)
・Childish hairstyles (in a negative way)
・No ambitious sprit

Example Conversation

A: I used to like 3 color cheeses beaf bowl.
B: Used to?
A: I can’t order it now, I don’t wanna be told “You’re chigyu!”. But I’m dying to eat it!
B: Oh, you definitely looks like chigyu.
A: That’s why, I can’t order!!!!

A: 俺さぁ3種のチーズ牛丼好きだったんだよね
B: だった?
A: チー牛って言われたくないから頼めないんだよ!!でもめっちゃ食いたい!!
B: あー、たしかにお前チー牛っぽいよな
A: だから頼めないんだよ!!

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