Meaning of Komyushou(コミュ障)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means poor communication skills and bad at talking.
komyu(コミュ) is an abbreviation for Komyunikeishon(コミュニケーション : Communication).
Shou(障) is an abbreviation Shougai(障害). Shougai(障害) means disabilities or disable or handicap.
Komyushou(コミュ障) is a slang. We use this word not only on internet.

Example Conversation

A: New employee of this year is good at work, but komyushou(コミュ障) isn’t he?
B: It’s better than “all talk and no action”, right?
A: Exactly.

A: 今年の新人、仕事はできるけどコミュ障多くない?
B: 口先だけのやつよりよくない?
A: 確かに。

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