Meaning of Payoku(パヨク)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means extreme left wing. It’s an internet slang.
This word is from “Sayoku(左翼=left-wing)” and “opayo(おぱよー)”.

Opayo is used by an actress (She was a girlfriend of an left-wing person) on Twitter in around 2013.
Ohayo means good morning. So she combine Ohayo and Sayoku maybe.
And the actress wrote the book the title is “Good bye Payoku”.
I don’t have enough knowledge of this actress…
So you just remember Payoku means extreme left wing.

In my opinion, payoku say “We are liberal”, and they try to destroy Japan or Japanese system and try to take over.
In my opinion, Japanese payoku has strong relationship with Chinese and Korea.
In my opinion, they always complain about government with no alternative proposal, they always say “アベガー(安倍がー: Abe is…)”.
In my opinion, for payoku everything bad is Abe’s fault.
In my opinion, they are not liberal.

Opposite word of “payoku” is “netouyo(ネトウヨ)
“netouyo(ネトウヨ)” means right-wing on internet.

※I’m not believers in PM Abe, but I think he’s making an effort. (It doesn’t mean Japanese government is perfect.)
※I like Chinese and Korean at a personal level. I often go to Chinese restaurant and Korean restaurant, they are good people.

Example Conversation

A: Twitter’s trend is weird these days.
B: I know. Payoku make the trend.
A: But some people must trust “That opinion is majority”.
B: Yeah, and they believe majority is justice. But in fact, it’s not majority it’s just complaints of small group.

A: 最近twitterのトレンドに変なの多いよね。
B: あー。パヨクがやってるやつね。
A: でもトレンドにのると、みんなそう考えてるって思う人多いんだろうね
B: 多数派が正しいって思う人多いしね。本当は一部の人間の意見にすぎないのにね

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