Meaning of Inkya(陰キャ) and Youkya(陽キャ)

This article was written over a year ago.

Inkya(陰キャ) means the person who has a dark and negative personality. Kind of…
In(陰) means shade.
Kya(キャ) is an abbreviation for Kyara(キャラ). Kyara(キャラ) means character.

Opposite word of Inkya(陰キャ) is Youkya(陽キャ)
You(陽) means sun or sunlight.
So Youkya(陽キャ) means the person who has happy and positive personality.

Simply speaking, Jock is Youkya(陽キャ), Geek or Nerd is Inkya(陰キャ).
Both of them are internet slang.

Example Conversation

A: What do you think why Japan’s COVID-19 death number is low?
B: It’s because high Inkya(陰キャ) rate, I think. Basically They don’t want to go out like Youkya(陽キャ).
A: True. Inkya(陰キャ) always stay home before corona.

A: なんで日本ではコロナの被害が少ないんだろうね。
B: 陰キャ率が高いからじゃね?陽キャみたいにやたら出かけたがらないし
A: 確かに。まぁ陰キャなんてもともと家に引きこもってるしな。

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