Meaning of Komyuryoku(コミュ力)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means communication skill.
Komyuryoku(コミュ力) is an abbreviation for Communication Nouryoku(コミュニケーション能力).
Nouryoku(能力) means skill.

Some company value the communication skill than other excellent skill when they hire someone.
Yes, it’s crazy just a bit. You know, High skill engineers don’t have good communication skill.
That’s why these days Japanese company can’t create great something.
In the company, high communication skill people (without other skill, they just have good communication skill) are operating company.

Example Conversation

A: What’s the most important skill for job hunting?
B: It’s a communication skill. Do you remember about C? He got a job at big company.
A: Oh… Yeah, his great skill is only communication skill…

A: 就活に一番有利なスキルって何だろう?
B: コミュ力だろ。C先輩いたじゃん、あの人大手に就職決まったらしいよ。
A: あの人コミュニケーション能力だけはあったもんなぁ。

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