Meaning of “tenbaiya-“(転売ヤー)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means scalper.
I’m not sure but I think “tenbaiya”(転売屋) changed “tenbaiya-“(転売ヤー).
“tenbai”(転売) means resell.
“ya”(屋) means shop.
If you say “tenbaiya-“(転売ヤー) I imagine someone who resell something not company.

In Japan sometimes scalper buy up something and sell it really expencive price.
It’s almost social probrem.

Tenbaiya- use platform like yahoo auction and Mercari which is most popular online marketplaces.
Mercari is so easy to use, so anybody can sell something easily with only smartphone, if the person isn’t smart!

Yes, you know, these days, the tenbaiya- buy up mask, toiletpaper and anti-bacterial something, and sell them really expensive price!!!
I wanna kill them!!!! I have hey fever!!! I NEED MASK!!!!
I have to avoid pollen not only coronavirus!!

Example Conversation

A: Where can I buy mask??? I need it.
B: You can’t buy it, and now, tenbaiya- start to buy up toiletpaper.
A: What a jerk!!!!

A: マスクどこで買えるの?必要なんだけど。
B: 買えないでしょ。転売ヤーは今度トイレットペーパー買い占め始めてるらしいよ
A: むかつく!!!!

I’ve heard panic buying is not only Japanese problem right now.
Everyone is getting panic! It’s more scary than coronavirus.

[Addition 2020/3/6] Japan to ban resale of masks at high prices amid coronavirus-triggered shortage finally!!
It’s late, but government do it, it’s good.
I’ve heard some hospital don’t have enough mask. Even hospital!!
tenbaiya- should be punished!!!

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