Meaning of “kodo-oji”(こどおじ)

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It means “parasite single”.
“kodo-oji”(こどおじ) is an abbreviation of “kodomo beya ojisan”(子供部屋おじさん).
“kodomo”(子供) means child.
“beya”(部屋) means room.
“ojisan”(おじさん) means man or uncle.
So “kodo-oji” means “A man who still lives in children’s room”.
It’s not same meaning with “NEET”.

And if it’s a woman, we can call them “kodo-oba”.
In this case, “oba” is an abbreviation of “obasan” which means woman or aunt.

In japan, there are a lot of “kodo-oji” and “kodo-oba”.
it’s a negative word, but I think it’s not bad if they work and keep good relationship with their family.
If do that they can save their money and their mom must cook and clean and take care of them. Wow, what’s comfortable!
And some of their parents also be happy, they can keep their sweet child.

Example Conversation

A: Why don’t you start living alone?
B: Because I can come this office easily from my parents house, and I don’t wanna cook and clean. And I have to use my money for my hobbies. I’m a kodo-oji, it’s awesome!! Why don’t you start to be kodo-oji?
A: My parents house is far from here, I envy you…

A: なんで一人暮らし始めないの?
B: 実家から会社に通いやすいし、料理も掃除もしたくないもん。それに趣味にお金使わないといけないしね。こどおじ、サイコー!なんでこどおじやらないの?
A: 実家遠いんだよ、羨ましい。

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