Meaning of “Dourozoku(道路族)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Dourozoku(道路族)” means people who are noisy and spend long time on the road in residential area.
“Douro(道路)” means road, “zoku(族)” means people or kind of tribe.

As you know, Japanese don’t like too noisy people especially in residential area.
This is a almost social issue and featured in the news.

Many Japanese residential area are densely populated residential area.
For example, distance to the next house of my house is only 1 meter and the width of the road in my front of house is only 4 meter.
Imagine, screaming kids in the small area…

Screaming and playing kids on the road in residential area are OK “IF” the time is not so long time.
Just chatting and laughing people on the road in residential area are OK “IF” it’s not so noisy and not so long time.
BUT if it’s not!! It’s sooooo annoying!!!

I’m a freelancer and my office is my house.
Unfortunately, my neighbors are almost “dourozoku(道路族)”.
This is a headache problem for me!!

I don’t know other countries situation of this issue.
How is the situation on this issue in your country?
What do you think? Am I too sensitive??

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