Japanese curling team got bronze medal

This article was written over a year ago.

Hi everybody! Did you enjoy PyeongChang Olympic?
Many Japanese are excited watch it!

If you talk with Japanese about PyeongChang Olympic, you should know about these topics.

  • Yuzuru Hanyu (figure skater)
  • Takagi sisters (Nana Takagi, Miho Takagi)(speed skater)
  • Women’s Curling

They are medalist and many Japanese knows their background (including setback story) .
We love this set. “Medalist + Story”.

Especially, Topic about women’s curling will make nice conversation.
They are bronze medalist and Mari Motohashi made the team.
She is a popular curler and her team made curling famous in Japan 8 years ago.
Many Japanese know her and call her “Marilyn”.
But it’s a only one reason why many Japanese watch Curling.

Japanese Curling team made our mind happy & peaceful.

I think the most biggest reason “why Japanese enjoyed to watch curling game” is they made us happy & peaceful.

1. Their conversation was cute!

If you watch Curling, you know we can hear players conversation.
At Olympic game most player will be nervous, and we feel the tension in the air.
But their conversation sounds calm and peaceful and friendly…(How can I say in English. We call it “Hokkorisuru” in Japanese.)

The most symbolic words are “sodane” “iito-omou”.
Both words are positive meaning and stretching the end of sentences make it more peaceful or calm.

2.Their snack time was cute!

The curler can have a break time in the middle of game, and we can watch it too.
They often ate big strawberry, and it looks like picnic time.
And the naming of the snack time is good, they call it “mogu-mogu time”.
“mogu-mogu” is onomatopoeic word it means to eat.
The sounds is cute isn’t it?

Japanese like to see woman or girls are having nice chat. it makes us happy.

We like to see woman or girls are having nice chat. it makes us happy.
So it’s the reason why Japanese like “Anime about everyday life”.

I think the reason why Japanese like to watch Japanese Curling team is it looks like “Anime about everyday life”.
(It’s my personal opinion.)

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