Meaning of “TedamaNiToru(手玉に取る)”

“TedamaNiToru(手玉に取る)” means “lead by the nose”.
“Tedama(手玉)” is a traditional Japanese toys for girls. It is a small beanbags and girls play with it by throwing and catching in various patterns. Basically, we call this toy “Otedama(お手玉)” not “Tedama(手玉)”.

So “TedamaNiToru(手玉に取る)” means to play someone like a ball.
This is an idiom.

Example Conversation

A: She has worldly wisdom.
B: Yes, she totaly TedamaNiToru(手玉に取る) her boss.

A: 彼女は世渡り上手だよね
B: だね。完全に上司も手玉に取ってる

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