Meaning of “Sukipi(すきぴ/好きぴ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

Sukipi(すきぴ) means “people or person I like”. This is a slang among young people.
Suki(すき/好き) means “like” and pi(ぴ) is an abstraction for people(ピーポー).

It means oshi(推し) or friends or boyfriend or girlfriend or something I like.
Even if it’s just a object, sometimes, some people call it sukipi(すきぴ).

Example Conversation

Daughter: Mom, I’m going to eat with sukipi(すきぴ) tomorrow, so you don’t cook dinner for me.
Mother: …What’s the sukipi(すきぴ)?
Daughter: It means someone I like.
Mother : You have a boyfriend?
Daughter: No, in this case, it means my friend.

娘: ママー、明日すきぴとご飯食べに行くから夕食いらない
母: …すきぴって何?
娘: 好きな人のことだよ
母: え、彼氏できたの?
娘: 違うよ、この場合は友達のことだよ!

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