Meaning of “Hanya(はにゃ)?”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Hanya(はにゃ)?” is a interjection when we are just wondering or we want to play innocent.
This is a kind of slang among young people.
“Hanya(はにゃ)?” sounds cute and comical.

Japanese comedian Rei Maruyama triggered a boom in this word. She used this word on her SNS and now, many young people use this.

Example Conversation

A: I thin you said same thing before…
B: What, I don’t remember…
A: Yeah, you said “I’ll go on a diet” three month ago.
B: Hanya(はにゃ)?

A: そういえば前も同じこと言ってなかった?
B: え、そうだっけ?
A: そうだよ、言ってたよ、3か月前もダイエットするって言ってたって
B: ・・・はにゃ?

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